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A little something for the music lover in all of us; grassroots tunes with a twist. The Vino takes were spawned by Josh Hyde a having glass of wine and a good time making some short camera recordings of original music. Soon after Hyde set out to put together a band that could perform these vino takes. Andy Jackson was the first to join providing rhythm guitar to the takes. It didn't take long to fill out a quartet having Tony Mraz thumping the bass, and a set of rotating drummers those like Leigh Minnick , Andrew Minnick and now Shannon Smith. Last but not least Kevin Clifton brought his talent playing the banjo, guitar, and vocals.

A dedication to making new, exciting, and fun music has brought the band together like a family, and they share their friendship and positive energy with everybody in the audience.The distinctiveness of each song makes it tough to categorize the band into a single genre. The focus of the music is the songs, all of which are growing, developing, and progressing. From catchy tunes like "All Over Town" and "From Now On" that are reminiscent of 50's rock & roll, to psychedelic world music and eastern melodies like "Simple Sand" and "Dragon Song", to more hard-edged rock like "Death by Assassination", "Sasquatch", and "Gas Hog", to old-fashioned southern music like "Squirrel Stew", to ballads like "Trickle Lynn" and "Two Cannons", the band delivers a variety of music. The Vino Takes are guaranteed to provide a stimulating auditory experience every time.



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