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The Stacker Three are Chattanooga, Tn. based musicians who are undertaking a long term project where various different cultural and religious sects are studied, and then the ideals and the events of these groups are interpreted into music. The first release, "Healter Skelter", is based on the events surrounding the notorious exploits of the Manson Family. Future releases in this series include "The Seven Seals", documenting the demise of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, " The Last Call", focused on the Heaven's Gate collective, and "White Nights", centered on Jim Jones and the People's Temple.Each recording in this series will have its own unique feeling and flavor, with the musical genre changing to appropriately reflect the source material. In this capacity, the Stacker Three will hopefully appeal to many different kinds of listeners, as they do not bear the burden of having to adhere to any particular process or style in order to create music that is compelling.

Live performance of these concepts result in distinct mixing of musical genres while retaining an overall emotional quality and style unique to the band and project.

The Stacker Three hope to be afforded the opportunity to share our musical studies with the public.

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