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The Iscariots

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The Iscariots are a 4-piece reggae band from Chattanooga, TN specializing in booty-shaking electro-rock reggae with a pop flair.

The band is made up by Jesse Jungkurth (guitar, vocals), Adrian Lajas (bass, vocals), Brett Nolan (keyboards) and Ivan Garcia (drums, vocals). They met while playing with local legends Milele Roots and formed a fast friendship. Years after they had all left Milele to pursue other musical endeavors, they decided to come together to play reggae again-- with a more modern twist. They have played together in several groups for six years and have formed an almost telepathic tightness and an inexhaustible catalog of covers from which they can pull at a whim.

The Iscariots are releasing their debut, full length record, "Act of Treason", on July 11th, 2014.

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