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Subkonscious is a rock power trio formed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They bring something bigger and better to music than the mainstream ever could. Their music is raw, gritty, uncut, powerful and most importantly, original. The energy that Subkonscious carries is one of a kind. No show is ever the same, they are always unpredictable. They are a spectacle that can only be described once seen in action. With their positive energy, on and off stage, they bring something special to the table that no one else can. The vocals are prominent, as they should be, and are backed by a very powerful band! The guitars sound as raw as they are meant to sound, with potent rhythm and strong leads, both clean and distorted. The bass brings the music to life with the punch and growl that only Subkonscious can bring. Last but not least, the drums, pull the music together. They are the key to the door that is Subkonscious. With a one of a kind sound that will leave your ears bleeding, Subkonscious will blow you away from start to finish.

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