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Michael Memphis

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At the age of 13 Michael Jerome Frye was a very talented gospel singer in his church. When he realized his gift he started to write songs of his own and perform at talent shows around Memphis tn. Also appearing on American Idol season 9. He was kicked off after only 2 weeks in Hollywood, so Michael decided to take a break and go back to school at Dalton State College. Later it was decided that music was his only way to make it some where, because that is what he is good at. In the fall of 2012 Michael Memphis picked the mic back up and started performing shows around Chattanooga, Rossville and Dalton. in the summer of 2013 He met up and coming hiphop/rap group Stunt Gang. From there he went to form what is known as Power Circle. Now he is doing shows with a wide verity of underground artist as well as producing mixtapes, albums and d.jing ...the story goes on... 2Dk Artist and more... Check em out.

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