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Marlow Drive

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Categorizing the music of Marlow Drive into a single genre is an almost impossible task, unless there’s a new category today called Electric Eclectic. During one of their sets you will hear a tune that you would say is blues. The next song might be an 8 minute jam and the one after that, a driving rock number. However, you would be selling the band, and its fans, short if you tried to place them into a single genre. Although Marlow Drive’s musical influences run the gamut from funk, hard rock, country, soul and jam, their roots run deep into Southern soil. Their hard driving sound and lyrics are definitely Homegrown Southern. Their performances are peppered with all those diverse musical influences that have shaped the individual members of the band; the end result is a very pleasing blend we affectionately refer to as Hi-Octane Blues Rock, a form of Southern Electric Eclectic. Regardless of what we call it, audiences all over like it enough to engage themselves with Marlow Drive’s music and band members!

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