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Katrina Barclay

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Katrina Barclay is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from north Alabama. With over 21 years of performance experience, she has proficiency for entertaining in both small, intimate settings, as well as larger festivals. Katrina loves interaction with her audience as much as the music itself. Striving to provide an authentic musical experience, she is a dynamic, original addition to the global community of independent musicians. The compositions that flow from her inner thoughts are centered and focused on her spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, her relationships with others, and about experiences. Katrina knows that life is beautiful, wondrous, and sometimes tragic and her music reflects those aspects. An audience can expect music they can enjoy and lyrics that they more than likely can relate to.

As an artist, Katrina likes collaborating with other musicians and supporting others like her who are on the road, doing what they have natural ability to do and also what they are passionate about. She has four independently recorded albums, the latest being "Nightmares", released in late 2012.

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