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Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle is a Progressive House, Trance, and Electro DJ based out of Chattanooga, TN/Atlanta, GA. Either in front of a crowd of 3 or 3000 he never fails to be the life of the party. Smiling and trying to out dance the crowd. With enough energy to make even the most exhausted move their feet. He spins because he loves it. He loves the crowd. He loves the smiles on everyone's face as he drops the next song. He lives for it....that "moment" all EDM fans chase. That "moment" when the world stops and all that matters is the music. Jeremy has opened along side acts such as Revolvr, Reid Speed, Tommy Sunshine, DJ Pierre as well as highlighted multiple events in Atlanta such as White Noise, Tuesdays @ Quad, 420 Fest, Supernova, Nite2Glo. Jeremy has changed a majority of his focus over the last year to production and being able to deliver his sound alongside of the latest and greatest hits that are blasting through your speaker.

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