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Hot Damn

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A recent concert review described the sound of this up and coming act from Chattanooga, TN as "Scorching, windblown harmonies and songwriting like if Bob Dylan and Neil Young stowed away in a van driven by the Grateful Dead, wrecked into Donna the Buffalo's tractor trailer, and slid to a stop in a field owned by Levon Helm,.. this is what it would sound like when the cops came and untangled everything." Well crafted songs and outstanding musicianship are the hallmarks Hot Damn's unique blend of Americana, Folk, and Driving Rock.

Hot Damn has shared the stage with other local heroes such as Strung Like a Horse, Donna Hopkins Band, Milele Roots, The Molly Maguires, The Maycomb Criers, The Vino Takes, Opposite Box, Uncle Lightnin', Woodford Sessions, Lon Eldridge, Amber Fults and The Ambivalent Lovers, as well as national acts such as Col. Bruce Hampton.

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