Hise Cold

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Hailing from the out skirts of Chattanooga, in the small town of Chickamauga, Georgia. Blake Hise, also known as DJ Hi$e, and or Hi$e Cold is bringing the party scene to whole new levels. Creating a following with the power of friendship and community, attempting to bring the 423 to the 706, and the 706 to the 423, the movement has grown within the years and now its time to grab ahold of the masses with Hi$e's old school meets new school, hippie hip hop flow that pushes positive vibes and the optimistic side of what this life can bring. Connecting with individuals, and never meeting a stranger, Hi$e attempts to bring these concepts into the lyrical force that silently sneaks into your ear cavity and pushes you to love it, no matter what. The mind of dreamer and the heart of a fighter, a prophet in disguise. 60% of the time, you will agree all the time, uhh duh. This is not just a movement, its a change of pace.




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