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GHIBLI (Ocean Breeze Digital/Liquid Drumz UK/Four Twenty Three Recordings/423 DNB)

Rex Henry aka GHIBLI started djing in 1997 spinning soul house in Chicago, IL under the name DJ Rextacy, where he djed all over the midwest and down south. Soon afterwards, GHIBLI moved overseas to Italy, and began spinning drum and bass all over Europe. He has djed in front of crowds of 3,000+ people and in places like Amsterdam and Rome. During his time overseas, Rex founded Mystic Records in 2001 and began the role of audio engineer and producer. In 2007, GHIBLI moved back to the United States and set up shop in Florida, he quickly made his name known by his precision mixing and amazing track selection. He played shows all over the south east with vocal artist Jai-Ess. 2008 saw the launch of Ocean Breeze Digital with the goal of taking liquid funk, atmospheric, jazzy, and deep drum'n'bass to a new level. Ocean Breeze Digital has had 10 releases from amazing artist all over the world. Moving back to his birthplace of Tennessee, GHIBLI spent a couple of years in Knoxville playing many local and regional shows with hip hop artist Kurse Smith, but has transitioned to Chattanooga most recently. Be ready to dance as he is ready to bring liquid funk to the Chattanooga EDM scene.

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