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Future Virgins

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Future Virgins started in 2006 as a long distance project between three Chattanooga musicians (Billy Joe Johnson, Mike Pack, Cole Champion) and Ashley Krey, who lived in Pensacola, Florida at the time. Ashley would mail tapes of songs to Chattanooga and come up to practice about once a month, before eventually moving to Chattanooga himself.

The band has released three 7" EPs on Plan-it-X South Records. A split 7" woth Onion Flavored Rings on 1234-Go Records. A split with Toys that Kill on the UK's Drunken Sailor Records and appeared on the locally released compilation LP "By All Means" released by local label "Do Ya Hear We?" The band also has two full length LP's, 2011's Western Problems, released by Starcleaner Records and Plan-it-X South, and 2013's Late Republic on Recess Records. Future Virgins are self releasing a 7" in 2014 and entering the studio to record new material.

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