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Era-Step (AKA Jacob Shaw) has been at the center of the Chattanooga Drum & Bass scene for at least the last 14 years. Ere-step founded SRF crew, which was originally a breakdancing crew and progressed into a huge player in the Chattanooga dance music scene. This aggressive and highly motivated "basshead" started learning to produce Hip-Hop and dance music with SRF co-founder Terminus (AKA Colin Sims), and very soon took up DJing. He began playing gigs about the time he was old enough to get into clubs.

Taking influence from acts like Ming & FS and Hive, Jacob and Colin began coining their own hybrid of Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass, viewing it as a spectrum as opposed to two separate genres. As the music modernized, it became diverse but was noted for always having a certain recognizable flavor. Soon after embarking, the two began playing live/Dj sets in Chattanooga and Atlanta as Dual Automation and established SRF as a production company with their own sound system, hosting events in both cities as well.

Era-Step has stepped to the stage with many international breakbeat acts such as Foust, Gridlok, Dj Dara, Dieselboy, Elliot Lipp, Ed Rush and Optical, Cause 4 Concern, Mayhem, Danny the Wildchild, Wick-it tha Instigata, and more. He has recently been focusing on Drumstep, a syle that he views as the latest incarnation of what he has been doing since the millennia!

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