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If you haven’t heard or seen singer, songwriter, musician, actor, Cody McCarver lately, well, you just haven’t been looking!

The consummate entertainer, McCarver has just released his new CD “I Just Might Live Forever” and has made his acting debut in Lionsgate Films new DVD release “Cole Younger and the Black Train.”

Born and raised in Dunlap TN, just outside of Chattanooga, Cody’s musical career began at age 9 playing piano in a small church. Cody taught himself to play multiple instruments and at age 17 his career in Country Music began. After 12 years in the multi-platinum selling band Confederate Railroad, performing an average of a 100 shows a year, Cody stepped out on his own in 2009. He went to Capitol Studios in Hollywood CA and recorded his first solo CD, simply titled CODY McCARVER. The self-titled CD was produced by Casaba Petocz, (John Michael Montgomery, Metallica, Ben Folds) and mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer, Chris Lord Alge,(Green Day, Tim McGraw, Hoobastank and more). Little did he know that his first single, RED FLAG, would garner him a Top 25 single and a #1 video for 12 consecutive weeks on CMT Pure and Music Row Magazines’ Independent Artist of the year.

Cody’s next single “Through Gods Eyes” would be the first Top 20 Single by an Independent Artist on any chart, and again for a second straight year, was named Music Rows Independent Artist of the year. Through Gods Eyes led Cody to be a National Celebrity Spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

Cody works with the Amachi program that helps children whose parents are incarcerated in prison, as Cody’s father is serving a life sentence in a Tennessee State prison. The song, Through Gods Eyes, also spawned a DVD Documentary entitled “Cody McCarver Behind the Walls”, filmed inside the Tennessee State prison system where his father is incarcerated. Through Gods Eyes was followed by the patriotic anthem “I’M AMERICA”, with an accompanying video featuring Charlie Daniels. That video also went to #1 on CMT Pure. The single, “I’M AMERICA”, led Cody around the country doing over 30 shows for our American Troops, in conjunction with Operation Troop Aid and the Wounded Warriors program.

The next single, “White Trash With Money”, also garnered Cody a #1 Video on CMT Pure and a Top 20 Single on the Music Row Chart! After great success as a solo artist in Country Music, Cody has now walked in front of the camera as an actor. He stars alongside Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Thelma & Louise, Free Willy) in the western “Cole Younger & the Black Train” in the role of Cole Younger. The movie will roll out nationally on DVD on July 31, 2012 through the distribution arm of movie giant, Lionsgate Films! Cody also wrote and recorded the title song from the film “OUTLAWS & TRAINS”. The video for OUTLAWS & TRAINS was added to CMT Pure in Dec 2011 and will be a download and bonus feature for the Cole Younger & the Black Train DVD release. In 2011 Cody hit the road on the OUTLAWS & TRAINS TOUR with the legendary DAVID ALLAN COE! What an honor to tour with someone who made you want to be a singer in the beginning!

The solo self-titled CD has garnered #1 video’s, Top 20 singles and brought Cody into an acting career. What’s NEXT? The NEW CD, “I Just Might Live Forever” due out 2012, with the first single and video entitled “Redneck Friends of Mine”. Cody brings in some Redneck Friends of his own to help him out on his new CD including Colt Ford, Richard Sterban from the Oak Ridge Boys, The Boss of the Stix, Big Smo and Flynnville Train! The CD Features three songs written by Cody McCarver featured in full length motion pictures; “Outlaws and Trains” (Cole Younger and The Black Train), “Let’s Get Dirty” (LA Dirt), and “I Just Might Live Forever” (Billy The Kid). Cody McCarver appears in all these films as actor and singer. Cody McCarver has been penned with many adjectives to describe himself: Country, Outlaw, Redneck – but one thing is for certain… After spending an hour with Cody and his music/movies, whether live or on disc/DVD, you cannot help going away KNOWING you have been entertained by one of Country Music’s BEST!

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