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Bryan Hensley

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"Im here to sing ,strum, and drink with my old friends and the new ones i have yet to meet."


Bryan Hensley has been a strong driving force in the Chattanooga Punk Rock community since early 1996. With Bands THE MORONS and TRICYCLE FARM, NEFAST, BEARD WOLF and THE WILD KIND. Now has cut off the fat and bringing with him only a guitar. He's writing and performing the same heart felt drunken style that he is known for. He has shared the stage with acts: Nathan Maxwell (Flogging Molly), Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Against Me, Austin Lucas, Kevin Seconds, T.S.O.L, Pointed Sticks, Leatherface, Grabass Chaleston, Tiltwheel, Tim Version, Lullwater, The Undead, All night drug prowling wolves, The Beltones, Stun Guns, Teen Idols, Sleprock, Ojo Roho, and hundreds more.

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