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Billie In The Woods

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Billie in the Woods is the latest music project and solo moniker created by singer-songwriter Emily Kate Boyd. Billie's first release is scheduled for January 2014. As a seasoned live performer, Emily (nicknamed, "Billie") has shared the stage with Clay Cook, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Dayna Kurtz, The ShadowBoxers, Heather Luttrell, Alana Davis, Doria Roberts, Angel Snow, Gareth Asher and many more notable singer-songwriters. Selling out stages like Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Emily brings a refreshing energy to the her live performances, often touring with a fiddle player and a percussionist. Her rich, bluesy voice is reminiscent of Laura Marling with the joyful stage demeanor and instrumental acumen of a Norah Jones. In a listening room environment, Emily brings a passion and excitement that deeply connects with her audience.

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