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Xanax Squaredance Info


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Title - "Swervin' on Durham EP"

Release Date - 07.18.13

- 1 - Swervin' on Durham (01:17)
- 2 - Desert Prayer (03:16)
- 3 - Soulja Boy Haymakers (02:05)
- 4 - Blink of an Eye (01:58)


"... Xanax Squaredance ( is the current name of the decade-strong collaboration between Adam Foster and Ezra Robertson, which has experienced numerous line-up and band name changes. Although both country and punk influences are cited—in particular, Merle Haggard and Hickey—the needle squarely points to the punk-rock end of the spectrum on the group’s recent EP, Swervin’ on Durham. Clocking in at under ten minutes, it’s short and sweet and to the point, with an infectious and urgent energy, bringing to mind west-coast punk styles rather than more earnest mid-Atlantic hardcore acts. The best song is the closing number “Blink of an Eye,” revealing the group at its most melodic, with a full, nourishing sound and a power-pop/rock attack. ..."

Review: Hazes, Monomath, Xanax Squaredance, GTRUK, and many more. 8.22.13 | Ernie Paik

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitars
- Amps
- Drums

We want...

- 3 Vocal Mics
- PA w/ Speakers

Band Members

Contact Information

Adam Foster - Guitar/Vocals
Ezra Roberston - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Ingram - Bass/Vocals
Noah Robbins - Drums

Email -

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