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Title - 'White Nights'

Release Date - 04.17.13

- 1 - The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project (02:26)
- 2 - Belo Horizonte (02:53)

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Title - 'The Last Call'

Release Date - 01.01.13

- 1 - The Away Team (05:10)
- 2 - Do and Ti (04:34)

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Title - 'The Seven Seals'

Release Date - 01.01.12

- 1 - The Beast in Babylon (04:50)
- 2 - The Mighty Men (03:20)

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Title - 'Healter Skelter'

Release Date - 01.01.10

- 1 - At Least It's Better than Eating Garbage (03:37)
- 2 - Come to Now (02:10)


The Stacker 3 - The Stacker 3 is a band from Chattanooga, but it is also known nationwide as a brand of metabolizing fat burner that may cause death in small to moderate dosages. I’ll be honest with you: I can’t find much information about Stacker 3 online, other than a Bandcamp page. The band describes their music as “cult instrumental,” and there are three tracks for you to listen to. All of them are very good and feature these creepy, weird, Manson girl line drawings. "At Least It’s Better Than Eating Garbage" is easily the best song title I’ve seen from a Chattanooga band. I can’t wait to see The Stacker 3 live.

Five awesome Chattanooga bands that I just learned about - By Sean Phipps - - February 20th 2013

The Stacker Three ( is a new instrumental power trio featuring two former members of The Sha-Pels—guitarist Russ Cannon and bassist Arettie Ford—with drummer Britton Ware (of Thee Something Brothers and Mister Grits), playing charged rock that goes from ominous to furious in a heartbeat. The title of its self-released debut album on cherry-red vinyl, Healter Skelter, is a reference to the misspelled blood-written message from the murderous Manson Family, evoking the band’s twisted sort of mayhem that’s at various times heavy and sleazy, with bits of psychedelic and hard fuzz-rock.

THE STACKER THREE - by Ernie Paik - Chattanooga Pulse - Nov 3, 2011.

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitar Amp w/ 2 Cabinets
- Bass Amp w/ 2 Cabinets
- 2 Sets of Pedal Boards
- 4 Piece Drum Kit w/ 6 Cymbals and Stands

We want...

- 1 Vocal Mic
- Amp and Drum Mics would be ideal (only if necessary)

Band Members

Contact Information

Russ Cannon: Guitars
Arettie Ford: The Bass Guitar
Britton Ware: Drums

Email -

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