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Title - "Days of Echo"

Release Date - 05.09.11

- 1 - Six White Horses (3:01)
- 2 - Axe To Grind (3:11)
- 3 - Are You On Drugs (5:02)
- 4 - Gramaw And Grampaw (2:38)
- 5 - Tune In Tonite (2:24)
- 6 - Waiting On My Turn (4:020
- 7 - Crown Vic Blues (3:36)

Title - "Unaka Rising"

Release Date - 07.14.12

- 1 - Goodbye Bill (4:35)
- 2 - Two Riders (4:48)
- 3 - Tim Tim (2:30)
- 4 - River Above (3:46)
- 5 - Cold Dead Hand (2:54)
- 6 - The Ballad Of Christian and Other (3:07)
- 7 - Built A World (2:50)
- 8 - The Cradle (2:45)
- 9 - Ponchatrain (4:46)
- 10 - The Ending (2:42)

Title - "Buzz Me In (B-Sides)"

- 1 - The Named (4:51)
- 2 - Totaled Hearts (4:24)
- 3 - You're The Reason (3:02)
- 4 - Know Me In The End (3:50)
- 5 - Everybody's Missing The Sun (w/ Nils Lofgren) (2:57)
- 6 - Working The Door (4:13)


The Bohannons are one of Chattanooga’s finest exports, who make heavy rock ’n’ roll that’s equal parts Mötorhead and Neil Young, with lead guitar chops that rival both." - Stephen Trageser / NASHVILLE SCENE-2012

Southern rock music is undergoing an interesting revolution these days. It's adding some punk attitude and a bit of grunge sound to the rock, blues, and country it has always had. The Bohannons, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, are a perfect example of what's great about this new roots rock sound on their new release, Unaka Rising. This is not music that invites you to listen passively. This is music that attacks and forces you to engage from the very first notes. The lyrics delve into the rich mines of Southern mythology and are filled with the imagery of their native region. The title of the CD refers, in fact, to the Unaka region of Tennessee. But in The Bohannon's music, that mythology and imagery is mixed with anger, paranoia, and political unease. The sound here is anything but predictable. Yes, there are blues licks and high, lonesome, twangy sounds like the best of bluegrass, but there is also violently raucous guitar, emotionally charged vocals, more than a touch of metal, and above all else, rock and roll. If you like homegrown rock that defies the norm and demands a response, you owe it to yourself to give The Bohannons a listen. You just may find out that it's exactly what you've been looking for." - SEATTLE POST INTELLEGENCER-2012

"The Bohannons new album, Unaka Rising is a real scorcher. It’s an odd thing to say about a band, but their approach to music makes so much sense that it’s difficult to understand why their particular cocktail of heavy Southern rock jangle hasn’t already been done to death by someone else. A little Two Gallants, a little Black Sabbath, they’re as heavy as they are twangy. They manage their heaviness without venturing into melodrama, which is difficult for many artists that venture into darker territory. Their music begs to serve as a soundtrack to a genre of film that doesn’t currently exist—some kind of violent, stylized-but-gritty (a la Tarantino) Southern road movie patterned after the classic Western model." - OXFORD AMERICAN-2012

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- 5 Piece Ludwig Trap Kit
- 28" Kick Ampeg SVT w/ 2-8x12 Speaker Cabs
- Various Combo Tube Amps
- Fender Vibroverb, Deluxe, Twin Reverb w/ 2-4x10 Speaker Cabs

We want...

- 4 Monitor Wedges
- Minimum of 2 Monitor Mixes
- 2 SM 58 Centered Front

Band Members

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