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Title - "Contagious"

Release Date - 02.01.14

- 1 - After Thought (03:20)
- 2 - The Breakdown (06:06)
- 3 - Take Me Away (05:45)
- 4 - One More Time 1 (05:57)
- 5 - Anybody But Me (04:03)
- 6 - Pretty Face (05:34)
- 7 - The Way It's Always Been (03:40)


“Subkonscious, has a hard rock/punk sound, these guys are not only talented they are entertaining. This makes the third time I’ve been to one of their shows and in each one Carl Foshay makes it unpredictable and entertaining not only to listen to but also to watch and fun to video, I’m afraid to step away or stop videoing during one of their sets because I might miss a clip of him dancing or jumping from a speaker, wearing a green tutu. Even though they performed the night before in the Track 29 Showcase, their set was just as high energy as the night before. I know these guys had to be exhausted because I was and I’m behind the camera (Regardless of your opinion of this type of showmanship, you have to admit it grabs your attention).

— Kimberly Posey Smith, 420 SMOKING HOT REVIEW

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Drums
- Guitar w/ Amp
- Bass w/ Amp

We want...

- Vocal Mics
- Amp Mics
- Drum Mics
- Lighting

Band Members

Contact Information

Carl Foshay - Vocals/Guitars
Austin Paul - Bass
Chris Hullander - Drums

Email -

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