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Title - "This Can't Possibly Backfire"

Release Date - 09.20.13

1 - Gold (03:26)
2 - Mindreader (02:56)
3 - Too Far (03:52)
4 - My Boy's On T.V. (03:05)


Concert Preview: Tir Asleen, Scenic, S W O O N and Friendship Commanders at JJ's Bohemia Oct. 15

Sharing the stage that night will be Chattanooga favorites Scenic, who'll bring their energetic and unique brand of rock to JJ’s. With the release of their 2013 debut EP, "This Can't Possibly Backfire," the band went about claiming their own corner of Chattanooga's music scene, and with their reputation growing as a can't-miss band, Scenic is poised to continue their upward trajectory. Birthed from the remains of defunct Chattanooga pop-punk group Farethewell, the band creates music with a gut-punch ferocity, while simultaneously integrating a seamless understanding of how to keep a song swirling around in the heads of their audience for weeks. They are set to release their sophomore EP, "Run & Hide," sometime in November.
... | Joshua Pickard | 10.13.14

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Drums
- Guitars
- Guitar Amps
- Keyboard
- Cables
- PA (only if needed)

We want...

- Vocal Mics (4 or 5)
-  Soundboard
- PA System
- Direct In Box.

Band Members

Contact Information

- Dave Jackson - Vocals/Guitar
- Josh Rosa - Bass/Vocals
- Marcus Alcantara - Drums
- Blake Porter - Keys/Guitar/Vocals
- Chris Wiegand - Guitar/Vocals

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