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Title - "Illegal Man"

Date Released - 12.09.12

- 1 - Sunflower Sunset (03:07)
- 2 - Haunted and Tortured (04:09)
- 3 - Let's Go Upstairs (02:30)
- 4 - Midnite Wednesday (05:53)
- 5 - In The Dollar We Trust (03:52)
- 6 - Distorted Bass (03:20)
- 7 - Bloodshot Mind (03:18)
- 8 - Illegal Man (03:42)
- 9 - I Own The Damn Club (04:27)
- 10 - Not Gonna Waste My Time (02:32)


Chattanooga rockers No More People create music that sounds like the off-kilter offspring of Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Pink Floyd. Blending thick harmonic rhythms with industrial soundscapes, the duo of Charlie F. Brown and St. Lewis finds a surging middle ground between the extrapolations of extended and viscous guitar progressions and gruff, howled vocals that wouldn't necessarily seem out of place on a Type O Negative record.

But No More People's music feels far more cohesive and structured than what a simple list of influences might reveal. Drawing from punk, heavy metal, psych and pop aesthetics, the band has crafted a careful amalgamation of genres that offers a clear and concise vision into the no man's land between these sounds.

Finding inspiration in the industrial landscapes of bands like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, they revel in unspooled riffs and thudding percussive blasts. But they aren't afraid to drop an ear-tugging melody in among the jagged fretwork and jackhammer drumming. It's this clever juxtaposition of melodic rock and churning metal tendencies that keeps the band from ever sounding stale or simply feeling like a rote characterization of what an alternative band might sound like in 2014. There's an immediacy to the rhythmic interplay between Brown and Lewis that keeps the music chugging forward and creating a sustained momentum that barrels ahead, demanding that the listener keep up or be swept away in a series of melodic ebbs and flows.

I recently had a chance to speak with Brown about the band, their tenure as a duo and the origin of their band name (hint: it involves "Beavis and Butt-head"). He also talks a bit about some of the influences and inspirations from which they draw and how their own musical proclivities inform their work as No More People. Be sure to check out their Bandcamp page for more music, as well as their press home for more videos and photos.

Read the whole interview here! - Joshua Pickard

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitar
- Keyboard
- Guitar Amp
- Keyboard Amp
- Drums
- Headset Mic

We want...

- 2 Vocal Mics
- Drum Mics (if required/available)

Band Members

Contact Information

Charlie F. Brown - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Scott St. Lewis - Drums, Vocals

Email -




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