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Title - "An EP"

Released - 10.28.12

Track List -
- 1 - Playing Post Office (2:55)
- 2 - Loosen Up The Reigns (3:55)
- 3 - Hog Jammin' (4:58)
- 4 - A Climb Down In 7 (4:53)


"Lush ride cymbals, chorused guitar and soaring, airy vocals come together in a way that leads one to ask, “How in the world do three guys cover so broad and dynamic a range of sounds?” Honestly, they’re like the Hershey’s Kiss of progressive music."

The Chattanooga Pulse Marc Michael, September 19, 2013

"Guitarist and singer Gabe Barrett, drummer Chris Lanza and bassist Brian Hennen chug along forcefully, being vigorous but not oppressive..."

The Chattanooga Pulse Ernie Paik, Aug 22, 2013

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- A couple for ambiance.

Guitar: (approx 8'x4' footprint)
- Two 4x12 Cabinets
- Two Amps
- Pedal Board

Bass: (approx 8'x4' footprint)
- One 8x10 Cabinet
- One Amp
- One Pedal Board

Drums: (approx 6'x6' footprint)
- Standard Kit

We want...

- Two Vocal Mics
- One Kick Drum Mic
- Three Amp Mics (if required)

Band Members

Contact Information

Gabe Barrett - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Hennen - Bass
Chris Lanza - Drums

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Email ->

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