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Hazes - More Info

Title - "Hazes s​/​t"

Released - 08.02.13

Track List -
- 1 - In Other Words (4:09)
- 2 - Catacombs (3:09)
- 3 - Nature (3:30)
- 4 - Show Me Anything (6:12)
- 5 - Be Cool (3:07)
- 6 - Night Train (5:15)

'Review: Hazes, Monomath, Xanax Squaredance, GTRUK, and many more.

The blissed-out, quasi-shoegaze outfit Hazes (hazesband.bandcamp.com) began as a home-recording venture from Nick Turner (Forest Magic) and Justin Wilcox (Moonlight Bride) before eventually becoming a full band with the addition of two other Forest Magic alumni Allen Hartley and Allie Stafford, plus Josh Boutwell. The group’s self-titled debut EP (soundcloud.com/hazesband) offers six tracks of dreamland pop-rock enshrouded in a velvety fog, sustaining a distinctive, comforting mood with tamed, reigned-in guitar swirls. Among the high points are “Show Me Anything,” which delivers a codeine-induced watercolor wash with gently mingling guitars, somewhat reminiscent of Slowdive, and “Catacombs,” with a supple mix of reverent keyboard chords, intersecting guitar lines and welcoming vocal harmonizing. The new 4-song EP, simply entitled An EP, from the power trio Monomath (monomath.bandcamp.com) on Ten Twenty Two Records (tentwentytworecords.com) brings to mind a ’90s Chicago indie rock aesthetic with glimpses of prog and math rock. From the start, there’s a quality of rigor, like with the use of an 11/8 time signature on the opener, “Playing Post Office,” and “Hog Jammin’” evokes Robert Fripp’s early-’80s guitar craft in King Crimson with lithe, nimble patterns. Guitarist and singer Gabe Barrett, drummer Chris Lanza and bassist Brian Hennen chug along forcefully, being vigorous but not oppressive, even sporting a major-key, cheery aural disposition on “A Climb Down in 7.”

- August 22, 2013 - The Chattanooga Pulse

Stage Requirements
We bring...

- the Drums (snare, hi hats, one rack tom, floor tom, kick, crash, and ride)
- Bass w/ Amp
- 2 Guitars w/ Amps
- Keys w/ Amp

We want...

- 3 Vocal Mics

Contact Information

Email - hazesband@gmail.com



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