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Title - "The Liars Club"

Release Date - 05.24.13

1 - Desecration (04:00)
2 - Business Ethics (03:15)
3 - Welcome To The Liars Club (04:00)
4 - Turn Out The Lights (03:48)
5 - The Prince Of Tennis (04:33)


Interview: Gold Plated Gold

Formed in Chatsworth, Ga., but now based out of Chattanooga, experimental garage rock trio Gold Plated Gold melds ferocious melodies and scorching guitar riffs with a pounding rhythm section that seems to shake the foundation of whatever building they happen to be playing on any given night.

Composed of singer/guitarist Blake Callahan, bassist Casey Lovain and drummer Adam Ayers, Gold Plated Gold draws on a number of inspirations for their unique take on unfiltered garage rock and uses them without fear of becoming submerged by those same sounds. Known for their raucous live shows and wildly kinetic instrumentation, the band never misses a chance to shake the walls for those in the audience.

Recently, I spoke with Callahan about the band's upcoming debut LP, influences, how they first came together as a group and with whom they'd like to share a stage.


02.19.14 - Joshua Pickard -

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- 2 Guitars
- 1 Bass Guitar
- 1 Full Drumkit w/ Carrying Cases
- 1 Fender Deville Combo Amplifier 2x12
- 1 Acoustic Bass Cabinet 4x10
- 1 Ampeg Deluxe Bass Head
- 1 Guitar Pedalboard w/ Pedals

We want...

- 2 Vocal Mics (necessary) 
- 1 Bass Drum Mic (optional)

Band Members

Contact Information

Adam Ayers - Drums
Blake Callahan - Guitar/Vocals
Casey Locain - Bass/Vocals

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