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Title - "Forget About It"

Release Date - 07.07.13

- 1 - Yankee Kids (5:19)
- 2 - Justice For Women (3:35)
- 3 - My Lady (5:17)
- 4 - Forget About It (3:08)


"Gorgeous (Forget About It) 2013"

Staff Rating: Crank this to 7 of 11

Genre: Alternative, Indie

Sounds Like: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jesus and Mary Chain

Gorgeous are a new band destined to makes waves in the indie world. Their four song debut EP, Forget About It, is full of lo-fi, somber sounds that will draw you in. The production feels as if were recorded in analog, giving it a live studio feel, adding a certain charm to the album. As for the vocals go, they are deep and unique, being woven into the music so they don’t take control. We love the fact that they have multiple vocalists, providing the album with depth and strength. The drums seem to be the driving force behind the songs, the use of the cymbals are fresh and captivating. At times they sound like a subdued version of The Cramps, it’s actually refreshing that Gorgeous keeps things toned- down.

Starting off the album is "Yankee Kids"; the track starts off with a mellow vibe with a ton of harmonizing and echoed vocals and the undercurrent of the deep bass helps fuse everything together. As this song progresses; you can feel the intensity kick up a bit. At the 4:03 mark, the song takes a welcome shift into an upbeat rhythm to end. "Justice For Women" is a standout track, it has a mood of the band Morphine, minus the horns. A couple of our editors felt it had a unique style and could be in a Quentin Tarantino movie. "My Lady" is a mood setter, with its somber sounds and soft whispering vocals making this an engaging, loner song. Ending the album is the airy "Forget About It," giving us more of the echoed vocals, it sounds as if the singer is in an empty gymnasium and the song just closes out with a nice steady jam.

So there you have it, there is no doubt that Gorgeous are very talented musicians, this EP should get some notice. It shows some maturity and constraint, as they can take this music in any direction, we look forward to their first full length.

Standout Tracks: Justice For Women | 03.19.14

"The Year in Music: Local releases you should have heard"

Gorgeous, "Forget About It"

Gorgeous exists in that hazy pop ether between The Jesus and Mary Chain and Echo and the Bunnymen, peddling their jangle pop rhythms for anyone who happens to come across them. Their recent "Forget About It" EP is filled with shimmering guitars and half-buried melodies, fading between layers of distortion and twisted textures. The band lets the music take the lead, allowing the lyrics to support the gauzy consistency of the songs. And while this often-indistinct approach can trip up bands that rely more on the aesthetic style than on the substance of the music, Gorgeous is able to deftly maneuver around these hurdles without sacrificing the core of their sound.

-Josh Pickard | | 12.13.13

"Listen Up: Gorgeous' hazy pop song 'Forget About It'"

Georgia transplants and current Chattanooga residents Gorgeous released their debut EP, "Forget About It," earlier this year; and it was full of gauzy melodies, half-submerged harmonies, and equal parts jangle pop and minimalist indie rock.

Similar in execution to the bands on jangle pop haven Captured Tracks, Gorgeous concentrates on form and atmosphere and lets the melodies and instrumentation follow along. It's easy to see why they list bands like My Bloody Valentine and Portishead among their influences, as these bands set a very particular sound to their songs and allow the music and lyrics to develop as a result.

Gorgeous may not spool out the winding waves of distortion like MBV or the beat-centric torch songs of Portishead, but their music comes together in a similar fashion. Rather than letting lyrics dictate the mood, the music drags the listener in long before they begin to quote words.

On their song "Forget About It," the band channels the spirit of French auteur Serge Gainsbourg, as well as the vocal stylings of Lee Hazelwood—all the while running the music through a lo-fi pop filter. The song opens with a simple percussive rhythm and gently chiming guitars, with vocals that sound as if they were recorded 6 feet under.

According to the band, this song was recorded before they made the trek to Chattanooga and with the excitement of having formed a new band still fresh in their minds. They recorded the drums and all the guitar parts onto a loop pedal and then transferred the music to a computer, but this was done as much for economical reasons as for aesthetic purposes. Even the outro was initially written for a completely different song, but "We copied it into the 'Forget About It' file as a lark, and it worked, somehow."

-Joshua Pickard | | 12.04.13

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- 1 Drum Kit
- 2 Mics (both run through a delay peddle)
- 1 Guitar Amp
- 1 Bass Amp

We want...

- 1 Vocal Mic
- 1 Amp Mic
- Drum Mics

Band Members

Contact Information

George Wallace Pickens - vocals/drums/keys
Charles Ramcho - vocals/guitar/keys
Matt Hadden - bass

Email -

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