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Title - 'New Southern Manifesto'

Release Date - 05.14.14

1 - How long has it Been? (04:01)
2 - A.R.A.T. 5 (03:56)
3 - She says wait (05:46)
4 - I won't say I'm sorry. (03:19)

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Title - "Don't Lose Your Heart Out There"

Release Date - 2011

1 - Get Her Back Again
2 - Undiscovering America
3 - The Spelling Song
4 - A.I.A.B.B.
5 - Beautiful Junkie
6 - Jenny & Tina
7 - Don't Lose Your Heart Out There

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Title - "Get Her Back Again"

Release Date - 2011

1 - Get Her Back Again

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Title - "Endelouz EP"

Release Date - 06.15.08

1 - Raven's Song


'New Southern Manifesto is Excellent | Endelouz'

The Velvet Underground meets the Beatles. That’s one way to describe the newest entry from Endelouz. A brilliant little EP is another way to describe it. It’s been almost a year since I last wrote about Endelouz and that time around I compared them to the Rolling Stones during their ’70s heyday. Reed, Lennon, Jagger…is Endelouz a classic rock band?

Not in the least—but they are a celebration of what was best about the classic sound from the late-’60s to the mid-’70s, and I don’t mean the tired old pop tunes played endlessly on the radio, I mean the good stuff your dad keeps in milk crates in the basement.

Once again Jack (who enjoys the stage name Jack Kittyfarts for some reason), Joey and Dennis have demonstrated the highest caliber of musicianship and production values in four lovingly crafted tunes that range from the airy, head-bobbing groove of “How Long Has it Been” to the Hendrix-driven “A.R.A.T. 5”. “She Says Wait” plays like a very worthy homage to Lou Reed and smack me with a fish and call me Angne if the charming duet of “Train Song” doesn’t evoke John Prine and Iris DeMent.

As with all of Endelouz’s work, these tunes are not derivative in the least; my comparisons aren’t meant to imply that. The fellows simply have a broad palate of influences they bring to bear with skill, style and taste on their wholly original and unique compositions. New Southern Manifesto is available now and if you appreciate the classics but yearn for something new, you owe yourself a copy.

- Marc Michael - 05.01.14 - The Chattanooga Pulse

"Endelouz made a record that mashes R&B and pop rock and sounds like summer at its hottest, maybe your buddies at their drunkest and you at your happiest. "

- Jessica Pace The Murfreesboro Pulse

"The song arrangements and instrumentation really are reminiscent of the Rolling Stones at the top of their game. That’s a bold claim to make, I know, but I challenge anyone to listen to track two, “Undiscovering America” and say otherwise."

Marc Michael The Chattanooga Pulse

"Think Exile on Market Street"

Casey Phillips The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitar w/ Amp
- Bass w/ Amp
- Drums
- (Full P.A. Optional)

We want...

- 3 Vocal Mics
- 1 Bass DI
- 2 Amp Mics (if required)
- Drum Mics (if required)

Band Members

Contact Information

Jack Kirton - Guitar & Vocals
Dennis Hubbard - Bass & Vocals
Joey Berkley - Drums

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