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Title - "EP I"

Release Date - 

- 1 - Tumbleweed (03:10)
- 2 - Black Noise (04:36)
- 3 - Scraping at the sky (03:21)
- 4 - Hollow Hand (02:53)
- 5 - Wolfen (04:07)
- 6 - This Blood - Part I (01:58)


Moody indie rock is always difficult to pull off—mainly because so many bands have done it so well and because so many more have completely missed its intricacies. But Elk Milk understands that every aspect of each song must be working in complete concert for the music to be more than just a passing hummable sound bite. On "EP I," they lay out long stretches of post-rock(-ish) landscapes and elastic melodies, but they always manage to tie each piece together with nothing left hanging in the breeze. Their songs feel self-contained, with striking guitar lines and a thumping rhythm section that is continually pushing outward against the encroaching darkness. But it's left to the listener to decide whether the music belongs in that darkness or simply wants to act as an opposing force.

Joshua Pickard -

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitar w/ Amp
- Bass w/ Amp
- Drums Set

We want...

- 3 Vocal Mics
- Kick Drum Mic
- Over Head Drum Mic
- 2 Amp Mics

Band Members

Contact Information

Isaac Houck - Guitar/Vocals
David Houck - Bass/Vocals
Ivan Garcia - Drums/Vocals

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