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Title - "Maiden Names"

Release Date - 01.15.13

- 1 - Levels & Lovers Eight Knives (02:39)
- 2 - L.L. Mini Mansion Eight Knives (03:02)
- 3 - Windows Down Eight Knives (03:31)
- 4 - Tokyo Poison Eight Knives (02:41)
- 5 - (I Know) My Babe Said So Eight Knives (02:28)
- 6 - Off to County Jail Eight Knives (03:34)
- 7 - Man Made of Maiden Names Eight Knives (02:56)
- 8 - No Money Till Monday Eight Knives (03:26)
- 9 - King's Lodge Eight Knives (02:47)
- 10 - Secondly, It Fell Away Eight Knives (03:10)
- 11 - Hell & a Half Eight Knives (02:41)

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Title - "Levels and Lovers"

Release Date - 11.15.12

- 1 - Levels & Lovers (free) (02:39)
- 2 - Off To County Jail (03:34)
- 3 - (I Know) My Babe Said So (02:28)


Top Local Albums of 2013:

"Eight Knives offer up slices of subtlety-free rock and hip-shaking rhythms. On each song on their debut LP, "Maiden Names," you can picture the band throwing themselves around the studio, bouncing off the walls and slathering themselves in the rich history of rock music. Packed with full-throttle melodies and chugging riffs, "Maiden Names" feels far too lively and loose to be a debut. It sounds like these guys have been playing and recording together for too many years to count. The band's practiced and quicksilver interactions give each song a polished sheen, but rather than using this to cover over any deeper imperfections, Eight Knives offer up their hearts for all to see. And all they ask in return is for you to share some of your heart with them."

-- - Joshua Pickard

"Maiden Names is...just a good old fashioned rock record, filled with energy and just a hint of twang. Seeing as the whole of Tennessee is tearing things up right now, you best keep your eye out on this Chattanooga band."

-- Austin City Hall

"...with the music in Nashville and Memphis, you're aware that there are terrific garage rock/punk bands in both cities. For your information, it's statewide... Here's some hard rocking garage punk from Chattanooga's Eight Knives..."

-- When You Motor Away

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- Guitars
- Drum Kit
- Amps

We want...

- Vocal Mics
- Drum Mics (if needed)
- PA / Sound

Band Members

Contact Information

Rich - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Aaron - Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals
Josh - Bass Guitar
Tim - Drums

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