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Title - "Allegory of The Cave"

- 1 - The Entrance (03:11)
- 2 - Windows (05:36)
- 3 - What Is It Inside (05:08)
- 4 - Allegory of The Cave (06:19)
- 5 - Fault Line (02:30)
- 6 - Black Milk (04:07)
- 7 - Hammered In The Fall (03:53)
- 8 - Sold On Lies (05:15)
- 9 - Left A Fire (05:21)
- 10 - A Desolate World (02:55)
- 11 - Ignorance (03:50)
- 12 - Vibrations (05:03)
- 13 - Twilight (03:49)
- 14 - Counterclockwise (04:47)
- 15 - Outro (01:34)

To My Fans

Hello music lovers, this is Danimal. I have been involved in music ever since I can remember. But, I don’t want my past to skew whether or not you like the music. The music is what it is. I try to write from my heart with as much vulnerability and truth as I can give to all of you listeners out there.

Music is what I do best, and I see it as a way to contribute and hopefully leave this short existence a little better and more aware of what is real. I’m not claiming to have any answers, but it is a goal of mine to inspire everyone interested to seek truth and strength in vulnerability. I just want to connect, and music and art are the best ways I know to connect with others in pure truth and vulnerability. So, let’s engage in the experience of being alive, throwing out our distracting egos and find a humble state to connect in. The idea is to promote awareness through a moment of disconnect, a moment without egoic trappings, and this is done by immersing yourself in the “universal” moment or present. Let me explain. If you have ever played air drums or not realized you were singing out loud to a song then you have experienced what I’m talking about. It is that pure second of aesthetic arrest that you get when you look at a Dali, watch your favorite movie, or feel strong emotions like love or pain. It is when you forget about yourself that allows you to truly live life.

With that being said, here is my music and other artistic endeavors, bands, and what not. So, check it all out if you’d like, and I promise you I will do my best to connect with you in our timeless state. See y’all there!!!!! PEACE!!!

Stage Requirements

I bring...

If it's for Danimal Planet...
- Boss RC-50 Loop Station
- Nord Electro 3 HP
- Korg Electribe MX
- Micro Korg XL
- Bass w/ Amp
- Acoustic Guitar w/ Pedal Board
- Minimal Drum Kit

I want...

- 5 DI Boxes
- 1 Vocal Mic w/ Stand
- 2 Guitar Mics
- Drum Mics (if necessary)

Bands I'm In

Contact Information

Bassist for...
- Up with the Joneses
- The Nim Nims
- The Communicators
- Angel Snow
- Glowing Bordis

Guitarist for...
- Tiffany Taylor

Producer/Writer for...
- Danimal Planet

Email -

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