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Bryan Hensley Info

Tour Dates

Ride, Drink, Shout Tour II

May 21st Athens, Ga TBA
May 22nd Jacksonville, Fl TBA
May 23rd St Augustine, Fl Follow the Sun
May 24th Gainesville, Fl Follow the Sun
May 25th Cedar Key, Fl Follow the Sun
May 26th OFF!
May 27th TBA
May 28th Atlanta, Ga TBA


“I heard Bryan Hensley sing a song and I swore it was something I'd heard before. Then I heard him sing another and I thought the same thing. He has a way, a gift. He strums his guitar barely and spits and sings and rhymes and screams. They are songs of love, loss, laughter and just living. Every song I heard I wish it was one that I had written. The funny thing is that I strongly believe that he is just now finding his voice. I am excited for what the future has to hold. ”

— Tom Cheshire Writer/ Drunk/ Tremendous fan of music, Dry Ink Magazine 2012

Stage Requirements

I bring...

- Vocals
- Guitar

I want...

- Vocal Mic
- Instrument Mic

Contact Information

Email -

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