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The musicianship was a cut above that of 90% of the musicians I’d heard in and around Chattanooga. The songs were well written and had themes of life and the stuff life is made of. The band’s cohesiveness was the nucleus that held the power of their sound together. Ayrthmia is a tight sounding band. There is nothing of the loose, grunge-garage-jam band about them. The notes of each song are as tightly placed and syncopated as an intricately composed etude.

Jay Mouton

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- 5pc Drum kit w/ cymbals & stands
- Bass Rig w/ 4x10 bass cabinet
- Peavey 2x12 guitar combo
- Mesa Boogie 1x12 guitar combo
- Vocal mics x2 w/ stands

We want...

- P.A.
- 2 Vocal mics
- Drum mics
- Amp mics

Band Members

Contact Information

Tuck - Vocals
Greg - Drums
Dave - Bass/Backing Vocals
Chris - Lead Guitar
Matt - Rythm Guitar

Email -
Email -

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