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Title - 'Act Of Treason'

Release Date - 07.11.14

- 1 - Act of Treason (04:40)
- 2 - Fantasy World (03:07)
- 3 - Cecelia (03:24)
- 4 - Blue Lights (feat. Sparkz Free Agent) (03:57)
- 5 - Back On the Road (04:56)
- 6 - Supercool (02:59)
- 7 - Burn It Down (03:47)
- 8 - Reggae State of Mind (03:23)
- 9 - Nothing Lasts Forever (02:41)
- 10 - Follow You Down (02:58)
- 11 - Please Don't Harsh My Mellow (03:40)
- 12 - Outlaw (03:26)


A local band branching out from the roots of reggae: An interview with The Iscariots

The Iscariots call Chattanooga home. They are self-proclaimed specialists in booty-shaking, electro-pop reggae.

It seems that "reggae" has become a blanket term most commonly associated with artists like Bob Marley & The Wailers or Sublime. The formation of several subgenres within reggae—ska, roots, rocksteady, dub, dancehall and fusion—is part of the reason that reggae’s popularity has spread far from its Jamaican home—so far that the reggae scene in Chattanooga does, in fact, exist.

The Iscariots are a four-piece outfit made up of drummer Ivan Garcia, vocalist and guitarist Jesse "Ganja James" Jungkurth, bassist A.J. Lajas and Brett Nolan on keyboard.

The band released their first record, "Act of Treason," July 11at a JJ’s Bohemia show after their Nightfall performance.

They’re loud and proud and a little rough around the edges, but most of all they are insanely talented. The Iscariots are musicians attempting to localize and individualize reggae, and they’re beginning to succeed.

I sat down with Jungkurth and Lajas to talk about the band, musical experimentation and the Chattanooga music scene.

... read more here. | Madison Baldwin | 08.14.14

Time to Move Your Feet and Party, Mon

Chattanooga reggae-lovers The Iscariots release their debut album Act of Treason.

Chattanooga-based reggae band the Iscariots dropped their debut album, Act of Treason, on July 11. Maybe you missed it. It was a low-key affair, after all, with the band opening Nightfall that evening before jamming over to JJ’s for the official release party. (That, gentle reader, is sarcasm.)

There’s nothing low-key about the Iscariots and the music they make; they are a perpetual party looking for a place to happen. If this were the ’70s, they would be starring in a succession of made-for-TV movies in which the band travels the world battling injustice with infectiously rump-shaking party anthems. Also, superpowers (probably.)

What I’m trying to say in a mildly tongue-in-cheek fashion is that they are marvelously good at what they do and why shouldn’t they be? They certainly have the résumé. Even if you don’t recognize the band’s name, you can’t help but recognize the fellows themselves (provided you’ve been around the local music scene anytime in the last 10 or 15 years.)

Jesse James Jungkurth, Adrian Lajas, Brett Nolan and Ivan Garcia are highly skilled and respected musicians. They are all alumni of the near-legendary Milele Roots. They all eventually moved on to pursue other interests and successful solo projects. Now they’ve come together to cook up their own special recipe of reggae with Jungkurth’s songwriting as the secret sauce.

... read more here.

Chattanooga Pulse | Marc Michael | 07.31.14

Nightfall: Bronze Radio Return and The Iscariots

The Iscariots are a ska/reggae four-piece based out of Chattanooga. They were finalists in this year's Road to Nightfall competition and should be an exciting opening act for Friday night's event.

They are lead singer/guitarist Jesse Jungkurth, bassist/background vocalist Adrian Lajas, keys player Brett Nolan and Ivan Garcia on drums/background vocals.

They are planning on releasing their debut studio album, "Act of Treason," the same night as the show. If you like what you hear, don't forget to grab yourself a copy.

... read more here | Aanen Butz | 07.09.14

Stage Requirements

We bring...

- 1 Guitar w/ Amp
- 1 Bass w/ Amp
- 5-piece Drum Kit
- Keyboards w/ Amp
- 3 Vocalists
- Can provide PA if one is not available at venue.

We want...

- 3 Vocal Mics
- 1 DI for Bass
- 1 DI for Keyboards
- Drum/Amp Mics (if necessary)

Band Members

Contact Information

Jesse Jungkurth - Guitars, Vocals
Ivan Garcia - Drums, Vocals
Brett Nolan - Keyboards
Adrian Lajas - Bass, Vocals

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