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What is 423PK?

The 423PK project strives to further legitimize and promote the music scene in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Visitors can access information for each band or musician through their personal page. Providing Chattanooga with a searchable and comprehensive database will make it easier for event promoters, music enthusiasts, and other bands to find and contact our locals -- helping to promote the impressive but often little-known local venues and talent.

Every local band/musician will be offered a free basic 423PK package, including a brief bio, tour dates, discography, social media links, stage needs, etc. The 423PK+ packages will provide live and promotional photos, poster art, and an EPK video option. All services are offered at a highly discounted rate thanks to our Freemium Model and our partnership with Lindsay Street Music Hall, a local music awareness based non profit. Using this affiliation we are seeking tax deductible donations to keep our plans in motion.

To receive your free 423PK profile, you must be based out of Chattanooga. We also require that you have played a minimum of 2 live shows in the last year. To get your profile started, please click on the link below.

423PK Profile Submission Form

If you are interested in donating to the cause, please contact us at 423pks@gmail.com and we will send over all the paperwork!

What is 423PKRadio.com?

423PK Radio is an online streaming radio station that only showcases Chattanooga based bands and musicians. To be eligible for radio play you must live within the 423 area code, and you have to have applied for a 423PK profile.

Step 1: Download and print the release form here.

Step 2: Email a maximum of 2 songs, and the signed release form here.

Step 3: Listen to 423PKRadio.com constantly until you hear your submitted tracks!

Step 4: Tell ALL your friends!

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